Geological surveying in progress

Expertise And Competence

  • Our team consists of qualified Geologists, Engineers, scientist, financial experts and Sales team who work together to provide an efficient mining and trading platform.
  • Our team constantly works around the clock on how to develop a proactive mining operation strategy that limits the damage to the environment during operation and helps restore the mining site to accommodate Biodiversity after closure

Our Values

Child Labour

  • International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates 72.1 million African children are estimated to be in child labour with 31.5 million in hazardous work. We partner with NGOs and local/traditional authorities to eliminate child labour and sanction any of our suppliers/partners or vendors that engage in such practices.

Poverty reduction and Empowerment 

  • We provide community cooperative financing directly to locals to help people take control of their economic lives and create social benefits.
  • We provide awareness and training to local artisans to eliminate middlemen and get the best economical value for their products.
  • We give Interest free soft loans to artisanal miners to help them get the best tools for safe extraction using necessary Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We participate in community development programmes that provide host communities with clean drinking water, better health care and access to quality education. Some of our community involvements include providing borehole for portable water and helping the local government in subsidising teachers salaries. We also help in the provision of necessary first aid medication such as paracetamol, syringes and   
  • We are developing an outreach programme with some other stakeholders to deliver anti-malaria medication and preventive mosquito nets to communities that are affected by the malaria pandemic.


  • We work with necessary governmental and non-governmental organisations to educate local operators on sustainable mining by teaching the ethical mining methods that will

help limit the damage made to vegetation and habitat.   

  • We are a green service provider and have a stringent policy of not using environmentally damaging chemical during our

ore processing operations.  

  • We work with appropriate authorities, local communities and mining regulators to help recover mining sites after closure, by putting in place both necessary funds and a robust mines reclamation procedure

Our operations directly affect seven of the UN SDG’s as listed below:

1 No Poverty 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

12 responsible Consumption and Production

13 Climate Action

15 Life on Land

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